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Mango Coconut Sticky Rice

“Mmmmm…” “Mmmmm…” “Mmmmango Coconut Sticky Rice?!?!” Are you trying to kill me with pleasure?!?

I’m not kidding when I say that this dessert is “to die for!” No matter how full your brain says you are, your tummy is telling you another story! One mouthful and you’ll crave Thai Me Up’s Mango Coconut Sticky Rice forever more!

When there is something this spectacular, people want to know the history behind it. Well, our favorite Thai dessert has a backstory that won’t disappoint. Mango Coconut Sticky Rice (aka Khaoniao mamuang) is a dessert that originated in Thailand, and Kim’s family has specialized in creating it for generations! As a matter of fact, Kim’s mother is such an exceptional Thai dessert maker that she owned a successful Thai dessert store for over 20 years in “Little Thailand” located in Los Angeles, CA. This is where she made and sold a large variety of rare Thai desserts to her beloved homeland friends and their families. These sweet treats were once found only in the kitchens of Thailand’s most beloved bakers and dessert makers. Now, you can taste a little bit of Thailand’s ‘death defying’ delicacy because Kim’s mother taught the recipe to Kim and me, Patta. But, as it has always been and will forever be, only after we promised (on ALL that is Holy and Good!) that we would NeVeR reveal it to AnYone outside of the family. When asked about the recipe and the method in which Mango Coconut Sticky Rice is prepared at Thai Me Up, Kim and I will politely reply, “It is an ancient family secret recipe in which generations and generations of [Kim’s] family members have been sworn to secrecy.” An ancient Thai dessert recipe is an honor to protect. But to share it with yOu, our wonderful customers, is the biggest honor of all! See you all soon, Patta

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